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Morally Conscious
Payment Processing

Support a cause you care about
on every transaction with no additional cost.

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Build stronger connections
with your customers
and increase customer loyalty

Tap into customers' desires
to shop with socially conscious businesses.

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Every transaction you process
can impact lives

Create a sustainable stream of funding
for charitable organizations and schools
that need it the most.

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Cause Direct: A New Standard in Payment Processing

As a merchant, you probably accept credit and debit cards for thousands of dollars worth of purchases every month. What if a portion of each one of these transactions could be directed to a charity that you support?

Now it can. Cause Direct is a morally conscious merchant services provider that contributes money toward causes you support every time your customers pay with a credit or debit card.

Best of all, you don’t pay any extra processing costs. In fact, our rates are equal to or less than what you’re paying now.

Starting the process is easy, send us your statements to find out how much your business could potentially be giving to worthy causes!

“The care my husband received while at Mission Hospital was exceptional — they saved his life,” Michelle Joy Martin says, Founder of Mjoy Group. “Cause Direct allows us to contribute money to them during the normal course of processing credit and debit card transactions. This is something we’re doing anyway, so being able to support a great cause at the same time is a no-brainer.”